Our Vision and Values

Learning and flourishing together within the love of God.  


Our Vision

We will endeavour to ensure all members of our inclusive and caring Christian community flourish and fulfil their potential as valued and valuable human beings. We will provide a high quality education that enables pupils to excel in all they do and prepares them to thrive in and support the wider community.

“I come to bring life in all its fullness.” (John 10:10

Our Values

These values form part of all our teaching. Individual values do get emphasised at the indicated times;

Term 1 - Thankfulness

Term 2 - Generosity

Term 3 - Perseverance

Term 4 - Compassion

Term 5 - Curiosity

Term 6 - Courage


The teaching of these values will include the British values.

Many thanks to our Governors and the school council for all of the work that they have put in when selecting our values for each term.

Strategic Priorities

The governors are committed to working with the Leadership team to ensure the school is seen as a good school. We want to ensure the school remains a place where the children feel happy and safe. We also want to make ensure the school develops robustness for the future. To this end we have chosen the following key Strategic priorities:


A. Deliver a Good and working towards Outstanding provision in line with current Ofsted Definition 

  • - Implement  a coherently planned and sequenced curriculum that allows children to continually build on their existing knowledge from Nursery and Reception Years right through to Year 6
  • - Take all possible steps to reduce the number of children who are regularly absent so that all pupils can access the full curriculum.
  • - Have a clear understanding on the path from Good to Outstanding

B. Ensure we build a robust and effective Leadership and Management structure for the future

  • - Continue to develop our current teaching staff to develop their Professional and Leadership potential allow them to grow their careers and take on additional responsibility 
  • - Leadership, Governor and staff succession plans 
  • - Contingency and disaster recovery plans

C. Give full consideration to the Government statement ‘all schools will be academies by 2030’

  • - Understand the options and impact
  • - Consult with all stakeholders
  • - Confirm the best path for our school
  • - Develop appropriate plans to steer the school in the agreed direction.


School Strategic Plan 2023-2028