Eco Council


We take pride in our school and we encourage everyone to keep it clean, tidy and energy efficient.


Our 2023-2024 eco council members

Reception - Summer G-P

Year 1 - Emily T

Year 2 - Timea L

Year 3 - Addison M

Year 4 - Lexi G

Year 5 - Savanah T

Year 6 - Lily R


We have had our first meeting of the year and have made many plans for our upcoming meetings. They are a very enthusiastic bunch who care about the school grounds and our locality. If you have any questions regarding eco council, please ask your class councilors.

Meeting minutes

Below are the details of our eco council meetings.

In these documents, you will find information regarding what was discussed at our meetings and what our next steps are.

1 Meeting minutes - Tuesday 19th September.docx .docx