At Halton Holegate C of E Primary School, we aspire to create confident writers who are able to express their ideas clearly using higher level vocabulary choices and spelling, punctuation and grammar skills. We aim for our children to develop a love of writing and view it as a way to express who they truly are.

From Year 1 to Year 6, writing is taught following a writing cycle. The cycle begins by exploring a WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like), focusing on the language and orgainsational features of the chosen genre. We then move on to grammar exploration, application opportunities and finally our plan, draft, edit, write stages.

The children are exposed to various writing genres throughout the year and are able to present these in many creative ways. One of the most popular ways of presenting our writing is through the use of the school's green screen!


At Halton Holegate C of E Primary School, we use the 'Penpals for handwriting' scheme in our approach to all aspects of handwriting.

This scheme supports children from 3-11 years and provides a continuity in handwriting skills throughout the school.

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