Home Learning

We would like to say a big thank you to all of the adults and families for your help in home schooling your children and supporting their education throughout the lockdown period.

We will now continue the hard work and ensure the children feel safe now they are coming back into school to learn.

Click on the link to the Government website below for more information. Thank you.


How do I use Google Classroom? | Tech & Learning

During Covid  Lockdown Halton School have Google Classroom for the children to assess all parents of pupils at the school have received an email with assess and password. Teachers are on line specifically to answers children's questions between 10am and 12:30pm 



This programme is to help children with their reading and understanding. Please look in their home school book to see the username and password needed for the site. The app can be down loaded to an Ipad otherwise use the connection below with the parent letter you will have received.



 IDL Literacy and Numeracy as a high-quality remote education resource. All our pupils have Logins and passwords for this online learning.

Times Tables Rock Stars: Play

All children are issued with usenames and  a password in school. These are put into their  Home School / Reading Record books so they have easy access.



All children are issued with usernames and a password in school. These are put into their Home School / Reading Record books so they have easy access.

Click any of the links to help with your child's home learning.