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We are very proud of the variety of after-school clubs that we offer the children. For such a small school, it is thanks to a dedicated staff that we are able to provide the range of activities that the children want to take part in. Every term, we send a letter home, for the children to choose the clubs they would like to join for the following term. There is an expectation that children attend the club regularly, to protect their place as clubs with limited spaces have waiting list. 



Run a Mile Club

Home Hub Available




Home Hub Available



KS1 and Year 3 Story Club

Home Hub Available


Cornet Club    (6)  This terms children are Hayden, Ben,  Scarlet, Erin, Felicity J  and Imogen

Sports Club with J B Sports for KS1 and Class 2

Home Hub Available 



Home Hub Available


Gardening club is available at lunchtime any child can garden twice a week in the sunshine. 


Keen Halton Gardeners being responsible litter picking at lunchtime