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Welcome to Halton Holegate Nursery!


We are next to Class One with Mrs Walsh and Miss Gallacher as our Nursery staff. In Nursery, we work towards preparing ourselves for the Reception year. We love to practice our pencil control and name recognition alongside practicing our numbers and shape recognition too.  We love to sing Nursery Rhymes, explore our sensory trays and investigate our outdoor learning environment to build our understanding of the world. We have rich outdoor provision, facilitate exciting play-based learning activities and inspire the children through hands on experiences such as baking, gardening and plenty of sensory learning



This week we have been exploring the concept of capacity. The children have had fun exploring the tray outdoors with water. As a group we discussed the terms, full, half full and empty. The children filled the cups with the cubes and spoke about how full their cup is.

The children experimented with ways to make marks. They explored the paintbrushes with the water on the sunny pavement to see what marks they can create before they disappear.

With the nicer weather, the children love our outdoor play trays. This week's water tray has been about washing babies and taking care of ourselves.

In Nursery the children love exploring and experimenting with different textures in our outdoor tray. The children have been experimenting slime and goo.

The children enjoyed exploring the nice weather! We all went on the field to play parachute games. The children loved playing with the parachute and experimenting with different skills to play the games.

The children have been exploring the differences between our community and others. The children learnt about rural areas in comparisons to city and towns.

This week we explored matching quantities with the numicon. The children explored with the numbered pebbles and gems to help them match the right numbers.

The children have been learning all about the seasons and Spring. They practiced their gross motor skills using jugs and syringes to make flower potions by mixing together flowers, glitter and scented water.

Every Wednesday the Nursery children have a special visitor! We have our own music teacher that comes and teaches the nursery lots of exciting new songs, dances and rhythms. 

We have been practicing our number skills by matching quantities with objects using gems and porridge!

The children experimented with different textures and ways to make marks using the multicoloured foam.

The children love exploring the outdoor environment. This week the children had to find their name hidden in the gooey balls.

We had a group discussion about mini beasts and their differences. The children used the tweezers to capture the mini beasts. Afterwards the children tried to match the insects to their environments and categorized them.

We have been exploring people in our community who help us. The children learnt about dinner ladies and how they can help us. The children enjoyed dressing up and mixing the foods about.

Baby washing is our favourite activity! The children explore ways to keep the babies clean by washing them and looking after them.

The children enjoyed going outside in the nicer weather! The children investigated homes for mini beast and caught some living things. We brought the objects and creatures to the classroom and the children made marks to copy what they could see.

Our topic this term is "How many colours in the rainbow?". The children have been experimenting with different resources to create a rainbow.


This week, our children joined in with Class 1 to see our special visitors! The children met Nancy & Norman the tortoises and learnt all about them!


Our focus story this week is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". The children have been learning all about healthy eating and what to chose in their lunchbox.

The children have been exploring our farm roleplay! They have been learning to match numerals to quantities and exploring the concept of sharing one or two objects.


Our Nursery Children enjoy making marks in the tray. They have been experimenting with different marks to help support their pencil control movements.

The children have started to learn all about eggs ready for Easter! They explored the lifecycle of eggs and what shapes and sizes they come in too!


We have started growing our flowers ready for the Summer! The children have helped clear our outdoor flower bed ready for new flowers and the children have helped plant tomato and pea seeds. The children will enjoy watching these grow ready for our snack.


For World Book day the children all dressed up as their favourite characters! We had a special bear visitor come and read us "We're going on a Bear Hunt".

The children have been exploring life cycles. This week the children have explored the life cycle of frogs and learned all about frogspawn!

We have been celebrating pancake day! The children have been learning about the importance of Shrove Tuesday.

For maths the children have been learning how to share quantities using fruits and food. 

The children have been experimenting with ways to cut. They have explored different tools to cut and slice different materials and textures.


Our new topic this term is "are eggs alive?". The children have been learning about different types of eggs. We learnt all about frogs and frogspawn. The children made their own frogspawn by experimenting with different media and bubble wrap.


The children have been learning the importance of recycling! We discussed as a group why we recycle and how we can save the environment and protect the animals. As a group we watched a clip about recycling lorries and how things can be reused again. The children placed objects into their own recycling lorries.


We have been celebrating Chinese New Year in school! The children have been exploring a range of resources to help learn about the Chinese culture. They have been writing letters and numbers in Chinese writing and could even write their own names! The children tried Chinese snack and made their own Chinese lantern to take home.


The Nursery children went on a walk around school to explore what minibeast's we might find in the Winter season.

We have been exploring the foam. The children have been experimenting with the textures and learning all about the story "The Geronimo".


The children enjoy exploring shapes. They have been practicing their fine motor skills with hammers and pins to create patterns. In the tray they matched the shapes using tweezers to the correct shape outline.


We have been experimenting with ways to write letters from our name. The children have been learning letters from their name and from the alphabet. 

The children joined in with Class 1's science activity. They enjoyed tasting seaweed and describing the texture and smell.


Nursery have been learning all about the importance of cleaners and they're job within our school. The children explored germs and how we get rid of them. They all had a go at cleaning the tray full of bugs!

The children have been learning all about perseverance by trying to cut up a bar of chocolate for a treat.

Our topic this term is "Where does snow go?". The children have been exploring different stories focused around Artic animals and we have been investigating animals habitats. We have explored different textures and experimenting with mixtures.

We had a visit from the Steel bands to school! The children enjoyed exploring the drums and creating different tunes.

The children enjoyed learning all about Christingles and what they represent. Afterwards we made our own Christingles!


Nursery joined the rest of the school for Christmas Dinner!

The children made dough to roll and shape to create gingerbread biscuits.

We visited St.Andrew's Church and took part in the Christmas service. The children enjoyed performing The Happy Clappy Nativity. 

In Nursery we enjoy making lots of art and crafts for Christmas. The children made saltdough decorations, Christmas wreaths and cards.

The children enjoyed matching pegs 1-20 to the Christmas Tree Stars

We loved going on an Autumn Walk! The children took a walk around Halton Holegate village and took an adventure to the church and around the fields. We spoke about the trees and what animals we can see in our environment.

The Nursery children enjoyed making jam sandwiches to take home. We have been exploring routines and sequences. The children managed to place them in order and follow each step.

We have been exploring name recognition and looked at letter formation using threading.

Nursery enjoyed making shadows in the foil by mixing the colours around in the water.

In school the children had some special visitors in school! We had a visit from the Heavy Horse Centre in Great Steeping. The children learnt all about ferrets and a barn owl! The children managed to feel the owl's feather and take the ferrets for a walk around the classroom.

In Nursery we have been exploring mini beasts! We enjoyed looking for them in the tray and found a snake skin in our playground to investigate!

This term we are learning "What is a shadow?". The children have been exploring all 7 area of learning through the topic. They enjoyed mark making, making movements in the sunshine to create shadows, exploring our light box and experimenting with lights in the dark. The children also made pictures on acetate paper to place in our classroom windows to create shadows.

The children love exploring the tray with different writing resources. They explored ways to create different marks.

In Nursery we have been recognising labels. The children recognised text from our day to day environment.

We loved making pitta bread pizza's and choosing our own toppings!

The children enjoyed experimenting with marks and patterns in the tray using ice and paint.

In Nursery we have been exploring people in our communities. The children roleplayed construction workers and understood the importance of them.

The children explored the Autumnal tray and matched quantities to the numeral using gems.

In Nursery we have been exploring ways to make letters from our names and copy patterns using natural resources.

The children have been learning all about compost and the effect of decay. We discussed together which would disappear first and the harmful effects of plastic.

We enjoy practicing our scissor skills weekly in Nursery.

We have been making reptile skin playdough using polystyrene balls and green food colouring.

The importance of harvest and farmers! We have been exploring tractors and how they help grow food. The children have been harvesting their own fields in roleplay by using kinetic sand.

The Nursery children went on a minibeast hunt! We explored the field and discussed where the little creatures could be hiding. Afterwards the children tried to draw their own creature by using the magnifying containers. 

The children enjoy making marks in the porridge and exploring the pots and pans to create mixtures and recipes.

Clean Hands! We have been learning about washing hands and how to keep clean and healthy!

Class 1's topic this term is all about Dinosaurs! So Nursery decided to explore the letter's of their name in the purple goo.

We enjoy practicing our cutting skills using knives, scissors and other tools and equipment.

Nursery's flower beds! We have been planting our flowers ready for Winter. The children loved getting messy and digging the holes for the plants!

Getting ready for Autumn! We have been learning all about Autumn and spoke about the colours that the trees are turning. Afterwards we made our own Autumn Tree.

In Nursery it is really important children are prepared for their upcoming year in Reception so we practice pencil control and name writing daily!

The children have had a big visitor in school this week. We met Pete the dinosaur and lots of other little dinosaurs. The children learnt all about where dinosaurs live and what they eat.

We have been enjoying experimenting with marks and using different materials.

This year our Nursery children have a special visitor every Wednesday morning. We have our own Music teacher who has been letting us dance and sing to nursery rhymes and play lots of games!

We have been painting rocks for our scented garden! The children have been using colours for a purpose and made pretty patterns.

The new Nursery children have been busy at the start of term exploring the new exciting environment!


The children have been practicing their hand-eye coordination by playing a game of tennis with each other. 

We have been learning all about different cultures and traditions. The children have been exploring the Chinese culture.

Look how much our caterpillars have grown and developed into chrysalis in just 13 days!

All about the Dentist! The children enjoyed roleplaying a dentist. We spoke about the importance of visiting a dentist and why we look after our teeth. The children used the toothbrushes to practice their teeth brushing skills.

We have been busy making cupcakes using pompoms and numbered cupcake cases to help us practice our number recognition and matching quantities.

In Nursery, we have been practicing our hand-eye coordination and our fine motor skills using sand and small objects. The children traced lines in the sand and created different patterns. They used the small objects to help them follow lines anti-clockwise.

The Summer Season! This week, the children have been investigating seasons and what the difference is between the Summer season and the rest. We made our season tree for our classroom.

The children have enjoyed learning about measurements. We all laid down on some paper to measure who was the "tallest" and who was the "smallest" in the class. The children ordered the class in height.

This week in our baking session we have been learning how to make cheese straws! The children use different tools and equipment such as a knife and a rolling pin to help them shape the pastry. 

On sunny days the children love to be outside! We have been practicing our numbers by making a hopscotch!

Look how well Nursery's sunflowers grew from April until June!

The children have been learning all about Butterflies! They have been exploring Butterflies habitats and life cycle in preparation for our baby caterpillars. The children were very excited to meet our caterpillars when they arrived!

Our new topic is Muck, Mess and Mixtures. The children love experimenting and exploring with the different textures and tools. 

The Nursery Children have been making the most of the sunny weather with the outdoor water play. The children loved bathing the babies and practicing their skills such as hair washing, teeth brushing and using the different soaps.

We have been exploring different ways to create our names. The children went on a daisy hunt on the field. When we got back to the classroom, the nursery children used daisies to form the letters of their names.

The Nursery children had loads of fun visiting Skegness Beach on a trip! They explored the beach and spoke about what they could see and hear. The children enjoyed climbing up the sand dunes and looking at the RNLI lifeboat.

The children enjoy experimenting with marks and colours in the foil.

This week we have been using the lettered logs to help us practice our name recognition and to help us make our names. 

The children love following the lines to help them with their fine motor skills. They placed all the buttons and beads on the lines to complete the tray.

We have been exploring different capacities. The Children enjoyed exploring and experimenting with the porridge. They used cups, jugs and spoons to tip the porridge onto the scales to help them understand the concepts of heavier and lighter.

On the school field we heard a noise and the children noticed a big tractor is the field. The children could speak about the tractor and what it was doing in the field to the crop.

Today the children have been making Numicon biscuits. The children enjoyed counting out the buttons to place onto their biscuits. 

We have been exploring Healthy Eating! The children enjoyed looking at foods and drinks that are good and bad for us. We spoke about the importance of fruit and vegetables. 

The children loved experimenting with the spaghetti. They practiced their cutting skills using different tools.

We have been learning all about people in our community. The children enjoyed learning about firemen and how they can help us!

The children have been enjoying the sunshine with lots of outdoor activities.

The children have enjoyed our peppermint scented green foamy water play today. They used different sized numbered jugs to pour the water through the funnels. We discussed the colour of the water and the scent.

We have been looking at Castles as part of this term's topic. During the afternoon the children worked together and shared resources to create their own castle using blocks!

The children love finding new ways to match quantities with the correct number. In Nursery we have been using puzzle pieces in rice!

This week the children have been using the cutters to change the shape of the ice and to help free the frozen letters. They also have been using the ice to trace over the letters of the alphabet.

In Nursery we have been learning how to look after ourselves. The children enjoy looking after the babies too. They have been exploring the use of toothbrushes, soap and the sponges.

We have been making smoothies. The children have been cutting up fruit and plants to mix together to make a smoothie!

Exploring musical instruments! The children had fun playing around with the musical instruments and speaking about the sounds that they could hear.

Making the most of the sunny weather! The children played parachute games on the school field. We loved playing with the parachute and experimenting with different ways of moving.

During the week, the children found a ladybird on the school field! We spoke about ladybirds and discussed their habitats. The children made their own ladybirds too!

In Nursery this week we have been planting our sunflowers ready for the Summer! The children have been using different techniques and tools to help them plant and water the seed. We spoke about the growth of the plant and cannot wait to watch it grow!

We have been making the most of the sunny weather! The children love experimenting with ways to move on our school's trim trail.

In Nursery we have been exploring different tools to cut objects such as knives and scissors. The children have been chopping and slicing up fruit and other items.

We love Baking! This time the children made funny face cupcakes to raise awareness for Red Nose Day.

We have been learning all about the seasons! This term's season focus has been Spring time. The children have used corks to paint their own Spring tree and we discussed the colours that could be used during Spring time.

In Nursery we like getting messy and exploring paints. The children have been exploring different textures and the change in colours.

The children have been matching numbered keys with the correct locks. This has been helping them explore their numbers and quantities too. The children enjoy playing in the multi coloured rice. 

 Outdoor messy play is our favourite. In Nursery the children love being outdoors. They enjoyed exploring the tray filled with foam. The children had to hunt for shapes hidden in the foam.

We've gone fishing! The children loved using the magnetic fishing rods to select the magnet fish from the sea made from rice. We had to find the correct lettered fish to make our name.

We have been exploring ways to create marks in the tray. We have been using marked pebbles to help support our writing.

In Nursery we love experimenting with different textures. The children loved exploring the green goo and described how it felt in their hands.

Our Christmas week! We played lots of games and danced to lots of music. We joined the whole school for a Christmas dinner and had a buffet party afternoon on the last day of term. We made magical reindeer food and decorations for our Christmas trees. The children baked cupcakes and made marshmallow snowmen too!

The Nursery children went for an autumn walk through Halton Holegate this week. We looked at the leaves falling from the trees. The children spoke about the different colours they could see. The children found different shaped foot prints and tracks in the mud too. We listened to what sounds we could hear. The children saw horses, cows and sheep. We spoke about what the animals could eat and where they live. The children spoke about their community, home lives and what the countryside means to them.

Every two weeks in Nursery we do baking! The children love baking and learning new techniques to make sweet or savory treats to bring home. This week the children were making Christmas biscuits.

We loved going on a worm hunt! The nursery children used different tools to explore and investigate their environment to see if they could find any minibeasts such as worms. The children showed care and concern for the living creatures and spoke about what they could eat and where they could sleep.

One of Nursery's favourite activities is bath time with the babies. This helps the children understand the importance of health and self care. They also enjoy using their imagination and exploring the textures. 

We have been planting different seeds and bulbs to understand the changes of growth and decay. The children understood the importance of watering a plant and keeping it in the sunshine to grow ready for Spring!

Today the Nursery Children joined in with Class One to learn about the importance of car safety and seatbelts using the egg experiment.

The Nursery Children enjoy dressing up and pretending they are dinner ladies this helps them understand different jobs in their community and the importance of people and communities.

Each week the Nursery children explore a nursery rhyme - this week was Five Little Speckled Frogs! We explored a tray with rice and numbers to help encourage our counting.

The children like to explore the trays and experiment with different textures and materials. Here the children explored salt, dried autumn leaves and multi-coloured rice. 

In Nursery we enjoy exploring our environments and using resources for our activities. In this activity we collected leaves from the school field to use in painting and a tray.