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Class 2

Hello and welcome to Class 2.

In our class, we have the wonderful children from Year 3 and Year 4. Miss Markham is our class teacher and Mrs Kirk is our teaching assistant. 

We are very excited about the year ahead as there are lots of great topics, fun learning and special experiences to be had. 

On a Wednesday afternoon, we have PE. Children must remember their PE kits every Wednesday. Multiplication tables homework will be given out on a Monday and tested the following Friday. The children are encouraged to use the 'Timestable Rockstars' app at home - each child has a login for this app. Spellings will be given out on a Friday and tested the following Friday. The children also be given a fun homework project (see below) to complete every 2 weeks.

Come and check our page regularly to see our school day adventures. 


Click the following link to have a look at our Class Scratch page. We are learning how to design games and short programmes. 

You can do this at home via: https://scratch.mit.edu/






This week, the children in Class 2 received a letter from the legendary David Attenborough! We found the classroom awash with plastic on Wednesday morning! He was asking for their help with tackling plastic pollution in our rivers, lakes and oceans. We have been researching plastic pollution and writing different types of sentences about it. Next week, we will be writing letters to the Environmental committee at the county council to complain about the plastic we found polluting to the River Lud at Hubbards Hills and highlighting the importance of preventing plastic pollution.


Class 2 have been writing about stages of the water cycle in Geography. Today, we created a water cycle in a bag to represent the 4 stages of that water cycle - here are some examples of our work.



This afternoon, Class 2 have been classifying animals into groups. We learnt what vertebrates and invertebrates are and then classified vertebrates into mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds. We went on a vertebrate hunt around the school!


Class 2 had a lovely, sunny trip to Hubbards Hills today to investigate the River Lud. We drew field sketches of the river, investigated the width and depth of the river over it's course and measured the rate of the water's flow at different points. The children were extremely well behaved and we all had a fantastic time. Sorry for the very muddy wellies but we did have lots of fun!


Class 2 exploring equivalent fractions today by building fraction walls. 


Fraction fun in Class 2 today!


In English, Class 2 will be looking at the book 'Flotsam' by David Weisner. Today, Class 2 explored some items that belonged to different characters that had been washed up on the sea shore. We made some amazing inferences about who the unusual items may have belonged to.

24/2/2020 Class 2 being taught mindfulness and yoga through JBSport here re some of the positions tried today: Cat, Snail, Bat and Dove.

Wednesday 12th February 

Class 2 have been investigating perimeter in Maths today! We have been designing enclosures to keep Professor Lockhart's dinosaurs in. It was very tricky to meet all of the dinosaur's special requirements.

Monday 10th February 

In English, Class 2 have been writing some holiday adverts persuading customers to go on a holiday back in time to Ancient Greece. We filmed our adverts using imove on the iPads. Here are a few examples!

Thursday 6th February 

We have been practising our outlining and shading skills in art this afternoon!

Monday 3rd February 

We have been learning about forces and magnets this term. Today, we learnt that magnets have 2 different poles. We explored how magnets attract and repel each other depending on the pole they are facing. We then made a compass using a magnet.

Thursday 16th January 2019 

To kick off our topic of Gods and Mortals, Class 2 had a history day to learn all about life in Ancient Greece. We learnt all about Ancient Greek clothing and made Laurel wreaths and wrote in the Greek alphabet. Then, we learnt all about Greek food. The Ancient Greeks drank wine with lots of their meals so we had a competition to see who could squeeze the most juice out of grapes with just their feet! Using our drama skills, we acted out Ancient Greek myths, We made and tried many different Greek foods and hosted a mini Olympics! 

Our Miss Markham on stage at Jack and the beanstalk
Our Miss Markham on stage at Jack and the beanstalk

4th December 2019 P.E.this term is Gymnastics look here to see future Olympic competitors!


Class 2 had a very special delivery today! The children collected a special box which contained a little elf and a letter from Santa Claus! We are hoping the elf doesn't cause us too much trouble while he stays with us!


In Science, Class 2 have been learning about soil and rocks. Today, we made our very own mini compost bin with vegetable scraps, worms and paper.


Class 2 have been learning about the importance of Diwali to Hindus. Here we are trying on some traditional Indian clothing worn by Hindus during this special celebration.


Class 2 became archaeologists today! We had an archaeological dig to uncover artefacts and fossils from the Stone Age. We dusted the dirty artefacts down and recorded our findings.



Today, we investigated which rocks are durable, dense, permeable and hard or soft. 



In Science, we are studying rocks this term. We have learnt there are 3 main types of rock: igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. We have represented these rock types by making our own rock cycle using starburst sweets!


Yesterday, Mr Morris from Fenwold vets came to talk to us about what life is like being a vet! We learnt about how to care for animals and what training it takes to become a vet. Also, Sarah came from the Brownies to discuss what it is like to be a Brownies and Guides leader. It sounded like great fun!


Over the term, Class 2 have been designing their own chocolates! We have designed and made prototypes of the packaging, made, tasted and reviewed the chocolates.



A Zoo Keeper from Wolds Wildlife Park, Horncastle came in to talk to class 2 about what it is like to be a zoo keeper. She talked about education you need, keenness by volunteering to see if being a keeper is for you and all the animals and work you have to do and people you work with. Children asked very in depth questions which the zoo keeper was delighted to answer.


A fantastic visit from Spilsby Fire Service to begin our aspirations week. We all had an amazing time. We found out about the role of a firefighter, learnt about fire safety and climbed aboard the fire engine. It was amazing!


Class 2 have been learning how to add 3 and 4 digit numbers in Maths over the past week using column addition. Here we are playing a game with cards practising these new skills!


In Science, Class 2 have been learning all about teeth. On Monday, we used marshmallows to create mouths and shaped the different teeth correctly. We then labelled them and made an informative presentation about their functions.



We have been baking lots this week! We have made chocolate crispy cakes and chocolate fairy cakes. In English, we will be writing instructions about how we made them. 


In Science, we have been learning about teeth. This week, we investigated which drinks cause the most tooth decay. We placed eggs in different liquids to investigate how the liquids reacted with the egg shells. We will be tracking the results and comparing them over the next week. 

20/09/2019 An early start for Halton Holegate Class 2 children to visit Cadburys World as part of their topic to find out the history of the Cocoa bean to chocolate bar. The Children all had a wonderful time with drawing with chocolate, tempering chocolate, history and advertising, a talk about where cocoa beans come from and how to change them into our delightful chocolate. To finish the children had a fantastic 4D ride through a chocolate experience. The children all said, "It was the best WOW day ever!"


This afternoon, Class 2 had a very messy time creating their own human digestive system!

We met class 1s Tyrannosaurus Rex 12/9/2019
We met class 1s Tyrannosaurus Rex 12/9/2019


Class 2 had great fun learning archery , which is this terms  extracurricular activity.


First day back and a wonderful start the children in Class 2 are making fruit kebabs and talking about countries and air miles the fruit has travelled. Our nearest fruit was our very own home grown tomatoes (red ,yellow and black ones).


This term, we have been learning all about predators. In science, we dissected owl pellets to investigate what they eat! We found the bones of shrews, mice and rabbits! 


We have been learning about capacity in Maths. Here we are learning to measure in milliliters while we made a magical potion!


We have been learning about mass in Maths this week. Here are some of the Class 2 children weighing ingredients in grams to make delicious cupcakes!


It was moving up day on Tuesday! The Year 2 and 3 children had a lovely day telling Miss Markham and Mrs Kirk about their favourite stories, investigating in Maths and creating BFG dream jars.


In Maths, Class 2 have been learning about 3D shapes. Here we are making some using some unusual modelling materials!


In Science, Class 2 have been learning about the names of the different bones in a human skeleton. We made our own skeleton and named the bones, using pasta!


Due to a very wet floor, assembly was cancelled! The Class 2 children practised their beautiful singing instead! 


This morning, some of the Class 2 children were learning about obtuse, acute and right angles. Here we are identifying them.

04/06/2019 Class 2's Last WOW day of the year, learning about wildlife and of course their topic Predators! A fantastic day was spent with Jess, a keeper, from the Lincolnshire WildLife Park. The children gained a fountain of knowledge through in depth questioning. The children had a tour of the park, followed by making enhancement treats for the meerkats and finishing with the handling of reptiles. See our face book page for other photos.

May 1st 2019 Class 2 children entertain the residents at the Old Hall Halton Holegate  with their Maypole dancing.

Monday 29th April 2019 


Monday 29th April 2019

Breaking News, as the children enter school!

What has happened in the playground, more evidence was found in the library what had left a huge egg was it real would it hatch were some of the investigated journalists  questions. Scratch marks in the infant playground and many other strange things seemed to have happened evidence had been found. The Class 2 children questioned local governor Mr G Cole who had come in to try and help solve the mysteries.

2/4/2019 Eleven children went up to the Old Hall, Halton Holegate, for instruction on May Pole Dancing by JBSports.

Early in the new term the children will be performing to the residents and school.