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Hello and welcome to Class 3!


Our lovely class teacher is Miss Wathall and our fantastic teaching assistant is Mrs Kirk.

In Class 3, we have the most wonderful, well-behaved children

from Years 5 and 6.


PE -  PE will be on a Wednesday so please ensure your child has their PE kit on this day. 

Reading - Your child will be expected to read to an adult at home at least three times per week which will need to be recorded with a comment in their reading record. Please make sure your child brings their reading record to school every day.

Spellings – Children will also receive a new set of spellings every Wednesday which will then be tested the following Wednesday. It would benefit your child greatly to practise these at home!

Please see homework projects below. 

An Outstanding Homework Project 

As a part of her learning on electricity, a Year 5 pupil has created her very own electric circuit this week. Watch the video below to see how her fantastic circuit works! 

13.5.22 Class 3's Baking 

 To celebrate the children's hard work and perseverance during SATs week, we had a fun-filled morning baking some of our favourite foods: sausage rolls, cheese straws, muffins and cup-cakes. The sausage rolls were definitely the best! 


30/3/2022 Class 3's performance of an Ostinato.


The children have loved learning about Tudor fashion this week and were particularly interested in the Sumptuary Laws that governed what Tudors wore.

To apply their new historical knowledge, the children created their own fashion designs using watercolours. The improvement in their watercolour work has been amazing to see! 

Spring Term 1 - Off with Her Head! 

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

As a part of their study of Tudor England, Class 3 visited Burghley House today. The children had a fantastic time learning about the life of Henry VIII. We even had the opportunity to play Tudor games, make Tudor crafts and attempt Tudor dances. The children cannot wait to discuss their new knowledge back in class! 

Term 2 - Alchemy Island 



Christmas in Class 3


Today, Miss Burton and John gave Class 3 the fantastic experience of playing steel pans.

Rocking Around the Shops sung by Class 3 14.12.21

25.11.21 - Our trip to Magna 

As a part of our current science topic 'Properties and Changes of Materials', we visited Magna today which is a science adventure centre. We had a fantastic time exploring the 4 pavilions: earth, water, fire and air. We also attended a workshop where pupils used their knowledge of properties of materials to create old-fashioned oil paint. We also conducted an experiment to observe the effects of adding sand and mentos to diet lemonade. Lots of brilliant memories were made! 

22.11.21 - Storytelling with Class 1 

Over the past few weeks, Class 3 have been writing fantastic adventure narratives inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. In the planning stages, we chose Class 1 as our audience. Today, we finally read our stories to the children in Class 1 who thoroughly enjoyed them. 

4.11.21 - Celebrating Diwali 

Class 3 had a fantastic time celebrating Diwali today. We learned all about what the festival is and how it is celebrated. Then, we made rangoli patterns and attempted some dancing! 



Term 1 - Darwin's Delights

Documentaries on the Galapagos Islands     October 2021

As a part of our topic Darwin's Delights, Class 3 have planned, filmed and produced some outstanding documentaries on the Galapagos Islands. In these documentaries, the children address complex issues such as the benefits and problems of tourism in the Galapagos. We hope you find them entertaining and informative!

Halloween fancy dress day at Halton Class 3 went to town with scary.
Halloween fancy dress day at Halton Class 3 went to town with scary.