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Hello and welcome to Class 1!


We are the youngest class in school and we are made up of EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 children. Miss Kitchen is our class teacher and we have Mrs Walsh as our teaching assistant.


  •  Spellings are sent home weekly, the children will receive new spellings every Wednesday and will be tested the following Wednesday.
  • PE is every Wednesday, please ensure PE kits are in school for this.
  •  We have daily phonics lessons in Class 1. Click on the 'our curriculum' tab on the home page of the website for more information regarding phonics.

June 2022 announcement

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved 100% in our phonics screen check for the third year in a row!

Well done to the committed staff and children who continue to work hard and support these successes!


As we move into the final term of the year, we will be exploring....

'The Scented Garden'


Let's begin!


Below are our homework projects for this term, we would really appreciate it if you had a go at some of them.



This afternoon, the children developed their painting skills, focusing on brush strokes. We explored a variety of brush strokes in pictures and then had a go ourselves. The children did a fantastic job and really concentrated throughout!


In English, Year 1 and Year 2 have started exploring a new writing genre - persuasive leaflets. At the start of the week, we explored the language and organisation features of these, discussing what it means to persuade someone. Today, we began looking at the topic we will be writing our leaflets on - plastic pollution!

To begin, the children looked at some pictures of the effects of plastic pollution and then read and discussed some facts in pairs. This is a growing issue across the world and the children are feeling very passionate about it, hoping that we can have a small impact to reduce this problem.


This afternoon, the children used all of the work they have been doing in science when planting their own plants! We used a mixture of seeds called ' the creepy crawly mixture' and made some signs ready to attract many new creepy crawlies into our environment.


This afternoon, the children completed some beautiful artwork! We focused on flowers and how we can sketch them in a more realistic way. To do this, the children were given some steps to follow. They absolutely blew me away and produced some truly amazing drawings! 

Later on in the afternoon, we went outside and applied the skills we had learnt when sketching some real flowers. Again, the children did a fantastic job and were certainly successful in their aims - well done Class 1!


This afternoon, the children continued with their DT project - making perfume! They recapped last week's learning on scents and the products they are used in and then they made their own! The children explored citrus fruits and some flowers and then worked as a class to squeeze, peel and sprinkle when making a sweet smelling perfume. 


We had a brilliant 'parent join in morning' today! The children brought their adults from home along to school and had lots of fun making a crown with them! Opportunities like this are so valuable to the school, the children and their families and allow us to show off all the brilliant work we have done! Thank you to all that attended!


This week, the KS1 children are exploring mass in their maths lessons. Today, we explored the vocabulary we will encounter and some of the resources you need to measure mass. By the end of the lesson, the children were able to receive a weight and match it on the scales!


This afternoon, the children explored floral sketches. Linking to our topic 'The Scented Garden', they looked through a variety of sketches and discussed different aspects that they liked. After that, we practiced colouring in one direction and finally applied this skill when creating our own.


In DT this term, we are going to be exploring scents and how they are used. We began by exploring some products that scents are used in, for example perfumes, creams, candles, sprays etc. The children had a good discussion about how they smelt and how the bottles were designed. To finish, they thought of their own favourite smells and designed their own dream scent!

Term 6 - The Scented Garden


Today, the children enjoyed doing some Jubilee inspired baking with Mrs Walsh and Miss Gallacher! 

Here is Key Stage 1 baking some delicious Jubilee cakes.

Here are the Early Years children baking their delicious Jubilee cakes!


The children are very excited to show you their collaborative colouring completed for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee! They have all worked so hard on their creation and are rightfully very proud of themselves! 

The colouring, along with creations from the other two classes, will be on display on Friday 3rd June 2022 at the village jubilee celebration on the green. We hope to see you there!


This afternoon, the children took part in some learning that involved their taste buds!

We continued with our science work and explored the journey of how honey is produced, all the way from the flower to the jar! Of course, we had to see if the bees had been successful in their quest of making delicious honey and after tasting some ourselves, we are pleased to say they have done a brilliant job!


This week, Year 1 and Year 2 are exploring time in their maths lessons! 

While Year 1 were sequencing events and exploring the days of the week, Year 2 recapped their learning on o'clock and half past. I was so pleased to see how much they had retained from when they learnt about time in year 1! They worked well as a team and could all give me reasons to justify their thinking - well done!


This afternoon, the children continued with their science work, developing their knowledge on how animals source food. Today, we investigated camouflage! First, we discussed what this meant and why and how some animals do it. We looked at some examples of animals using colours, patterns and shape to camouflage themselves and then looked at what we were wearing and tried to camouflage ourselves!

After that, the children cut out an insect and after choosing a place within the classroom to camouflage it into, they used colour to help it blend into the background!


This morning, Veronica offered to read her Reading For Pleasure story to Class 1 before we started our day. She very bravely took her position at the front of the class and was successful in keeping all of the children engaged using her beautiful, expressive reading! Well done Veronica!


Today, the children completed some consolidation activities in their English lesson. We focused on prefixes and suffixes and how they can change the meaning of words. The children were given a variety of root words, prefixes and suffixes and were challenged to see how many words they could make.


Here at our school, we have access to a beautiful, well-resourced library. We visit multiple times a week, listening to stories being read to us and exploring books either on our own, with an adult or with our friends.

This afternoon's choice of book was 'Hairy Maclary's Caterwaul Caper' by Lynley Dodd.


In science, the children have been investigating life cycles and food chains. Today, we built on our knowledge and investigated pollination! To begin, we explored the process and related vocabulary and then we had a go ourselves! The children had a flower (cup) which contained pollen (cheese puffs) and using their hands, they recreated the pollination process, transferring the pollen to each other's flowers!

To finish, the reception children created some of their own pompom bees and year 1 and 2 demonstrated their knowledge by completing a sequencing activity. What a brilliant afternoon!


This week, year 1 and year 2 are writing a set of instructions within their English lessons. We have decided to write instructions about how to care for a dog so we needed to gather some research. To do this, we welcomed Nala into our classroom! Nala is Miss Gallacher's furry friend. She behaved so well while we asked lots of questions about her, ready to begin drafting!


Today, we continued with our work on position and direction in maths! To develop our knowledge, we focused on turns, using vocabulary such as clockwise, anti clockwise, three quarter turns etc. We took our learning outside and played a game where we followed rotational instructions. Well done KS1!


This afternoon, the children explored food chains in science. First, we discussed what a food chain is and looked at some examples. After they completed their activities, the children demonstrated a good understanding and were thoroughly engaged in discussions regarding how changes within a food chain may effect other animals.


This week, year 1 and year 2 are focusing on position and direction in maths. Today, we began by exploring left, right, forwards and backwards. The children were provided with a map and some directions which they had to follow using specific vocabulary. Using this knowledge, they then plotted their own route through the map!


This term, our RE topic is 'Places of Worship. This includes: churches, mosques and synagogues, exploring what sacred objects you may find there and what celebrations take place within them.

To begin this topic, the children went and explored the closest place of worship to us - St Andrews church in Halton Holegate. We found a: lectern, crucifix, stoup, pews, an altar, stained glass windows and some candles. Our next task is to explore the celebrations that take place in a church!


This morning, the Year 2 children continued with their work on fractions. Today, we developed our understanding and explored non-unit fractions. Once they had completed their activities, they worked together to complete a non-unit fraction matching task - well done!

Term 5 - Wriggle and Crawl


At Halton C of E primary school, our school charity is Water Aid. We support this charity by using funds raised during events to donate to their cause.

In our celebration assembly this afternoon, the children very bravely stood at the front of the hall and performed our Water Aid song! The children have initiated many empathetic discussions about Water Aid and who they support, understanding why and how we support them. Enjoy our performance below!


To celebrate the end of term and of course Easter, the children took part in some wonderful activities. They had an Easter bonnet competition, Easter egg hunt and received some Easter eggs from Mr. Cole's helper, Chaz! What a wonderful day! I hope everyone has a brilliant holiday!


When we came into our classroom this morning, there was a big surprise waiting for us! The Easter Bunny must have been impressed with the baskets and carrot smoothie as he'd filled them up with lots of treats for us to enjoy!


This afternoon, the children had their hopes set on a special visitor leaving them something special after school - The Easter Bunny! They created some beautiful Easter baskets and left them out over night. Let's wait and see......


In preparation for our special visitor, the children made some carrot smoothies for him to enjoy! Hopefully this will entice him into our classroom!


Well done to all of those who have completed some of our homework projects this term! We have been presented with many amazing projects and designs - well done!


This afternoon, the children had some special visitors. Linking to our current science and English focus, we had some tortoises visit us! The children learnt lots about them and even got to handle them. What an amazing experience!


This afternoon, we investigated the significance of the Easter story to Christians. The children were really engaged in discussions and did a brilliant job of ordering the events within the story.

During the second part of our afternoon, we investigated traditional Easter food. The children discussed simnel cake, hot cross buns and Easter eggs. We discussed how these items linked to Easter and the story we had been exploring previously. To finish, the children tasted some hot cross buns! 


In maths we are continuing with our work on fractions. Today, we explored quarters! After looking at how a quarter is written as a fraction, we went outside and cut some crumpets into quarters, continuously checking that we had 4 equal pieces. The children then came back inside and completed different activities around quarters.


This afternoon, we were learning about the seven continents of the world. To help us remember what they are, the children learnt a new catchy song! 


In maths, we are focusing on fractions. To begin, we looked at equal groups and what this looks like on a shape and a group of objects. Since the children did such a brilliant job with that, we have moved on to exploring halves. 

Today, we went outside and after looking at how half is written as a fraction, we cut different food-based objects in half. The children all demonstrated a good understanding of this so we went back inside and completed lots of different activities. Well done!


This afternoon, our RE learning took us outside. We were continuing with our exploration into the Islam faith, deepening our understanding of their beliefs. We focused on the 'The Straight Path' and what Muslims do to stay on this path in order to become a better person.

Once outside, we created two paths: one straight one and one wobbly one. We then discussed which one is easier to follow and what choices we would have to make to stay on the straight path. The children were brilliant and demonstrated a good understanding of this quite detailed concept.


To complete our day, we went outside to do some teamwork games. The children had to work together to complete the tasks set, they particularly enjoyed the penguin races!


Linking to our science topic of life cycles, the children planted some sunflowers this afternoon! To extend our thinking, the children used their prior knowledge and compared the life cycle of a plant to the life cycle of different animals, some brilliant vocabulary was used throughout!


This morning, the Early Years children were investigating one of their favourite stories - 'Stick Man'! The children listened tentatively to the story being read and afterwards acted it out! They looked brilliant in their stick man costumes!


Linking to our topic 'beachcombers' and our previous art project, the children investigated printing! We used sponges and different shades of blue and white paint to create some beautiful sea backgrounds.

This linked nicely into our learning about a significant person - Grace Darling! We have been learning about her early life and heroism so will be adding some lighthouses onto our backgrounds in the coming days.


This afternoon, we continued with our work in RE - Islam! The children were exploring Islamic festivals, focusing on Ramadan and Eid. First, we discussed these festivals and how and why they are celebrated. After that, we made some moon and star decorations, similar to those Muslims decorate their houses with for Eid. Finally, we explored henna! The children looked at different designs and discussed when it is applied ready to celebrate. 

The children use real henna to decorate a 'hand' and created some beautiful designs!


Today, Class 1 had a brilliant time at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park! We are going to be writing reports on the life cycle of turtles and to help us, we visited the park's brand new turtle sanctuary! The children and staff had a fantastic day and learnt lots!


This afternoon, the children built on their understanding of expressing emotion through artwork. The children were shown some pictures of beach paintings and discussed the emotion they felt when looking at them. Using a variety of instruments, they then created music accordingly.


Following on with our science work on life cycles, the Early Years children made their own sea turtles! We discussed the different stages of the life cycle and made some adult sea turtles using our cutting and sticking skills.


Today was the day! We took our homemade ice cream out of the freezer and it was time to do a taste test! Along with a few tasty toppings, the ice cream tasted great!


This afternoon, the children continued with their DT project. After investigating the process and designing their own last week, the children made some ice cream! They carefully measured all of the ingredients and mixed them together, finally pouring the mixture into a tin and leaving it to freeze overnight. We can't wait to try it tomorrow!



Today, we celebrated World Book Day! The children came to school dressed as their favourite book characters and made some bookmarks in the afternoon ready to get reading!


This afternoon, the children celebrated Shrove Tuesday! We discussed the story behind lent and the reason people give up certain foods and to finish, decorated some pancakes. The children took them home to enjoy later on and were all keen to taste their creations!


This morning, Father Jean visited Class 1 to listen to the children read. Her companion Mollie the dog came too but today there was an extra special visitor - Maisie the cat!

Maisie is only a few weeks old so the children used their quiet voices and handled her gently. It was so lovely to have Mollie and Maisie in the classroom to see how we learn!


This week, the children have been busy exploring kenning poems in their English lessons. To begin, we explored the related vocabulary and organisational features, we learnt that a kenning poem only has two words per line and describes something but doesn't tell the reader what it is - that's the fun part!

Throughout the week, the children planned, drafted and wrote their own kenning poems, finally performing them today in front of the green screen! Here are the videos - enjoy!


This afternoon, the children linked their feelings to art! We are going to be exploring how art makes us feel, ready to create a piece ourselves. To begin, the children looked at different beach paintings and described how it made them feel. The discussion went a little further and they began to think about how each particular beach would sound. To support this understanding we closed our eyes and listened to sounds linked to the art we were looking at.

To finish, the children chose an emotion and planned a beach sketch to express this feeling!


This morning, the year 1 children blew us away with their maths skills!

This week they are working with numbers to 100 and were busy representing numbers in different ways. They used bead strings, numicon and dienes to represent a variety of numbers up to 100 and were so engaged throughout! You were all successful as a result of your fantastic attitude to learning - well done!


Today, the children were able to take their final DT projects home! They have used so many skills to create their seagull finger puppets and they should be so proud of what they have achieved!


After creating some brilliant microhabitats for the local bugs and beetles, the children added the final touches ready for them to be put outside. They collected some natural objects and placed them carefully into their microhabitats. We hope the animals enjoy what we have made!


This afternoon, the children got arty! We focused on the texture of objects and the patterns that can be made as a result of how different objects feel. Linking with our topic, the children were provided with a variety of beach-themed objects and allowed to explore them using the rubbing method. The prints created were amazing!


Every week, Father Jean and her companion Molly the Dog join us in Class 1 to listen to the children read.

Today, Molly performed for us! Father Jean demonstrated the importance of looking and listening in order to understand instructions by performing some tricks with Molly. She used both her voice and hand signals to instruct Molly. It really was amazing!


This afternoon, the children continued with their DT project - finger puppets. After practicing their sewing skills, they got to work and sewed the body of their puppet. We were blown away by the skills, care and attention the children demonstrated - well done Class 1!


After completing our beautiful sketches that were inspired by Georgia o'Keeffe's artwork, the children made the real thing! They were given some real shells and whilst handling them with care, they used a variety of colours to create some truly beautiful shell creations!


Continuing with our science work on microhabitats, the children made their own! They discussed the needs of the animals who may live there and created them accordingly.


This afternoon, the children did some brilliant work around Chinese New Year. As we prepare for this important event next week, the children explored the stories behind the animals and watched some videos about what takes place during Chinese New Year celebrations.

2022 is the year of the tiger so the children created some beautiful artwork to display!


Later on this afternoon, the children continued with their work in RE on sacred books and things. Today, we focused on Judaism. The children discussed a variety of Jewish objects and to finish, made their own Torahs.


This afternoon, the children were introduced to a beautiful piece of artwork - 'Pink Shell with Seaweed' by Georgia O'Keeffe.

After discussing the image and its intricate design, the children had a go at sketching it. They took their time and used careful pencil lines to create a spiral shape, finally shading it in with the appropriate colours.


This afternoon, the children continued to work on their current science focus of animals and their habitats. Today, we explored microhabitats! First, we built on our prior knowledge and had a discussion about types of microhabitats and what animals may live there. Next, we went outside and had a look for ourselves!

The children identified the microhabitats that we have around school and counted how many animals lives in them. Once we got back to the classroom, the children recorded their data - year 1 set it out in a table and year 2 displayed their data as a pictogram!


This term, we are looking at special things and books in our RE lessons. Last week, we explored some sacred objects within Christianity such as the Bible, the symbol of the cross and rosary beads. Today, the children looked at some sacred objects within Islam including subha beads, prayer mats, prayer caps and the Q'uran. 

After a really good discussion, the children designed their own prayer mats!


This afternoon, the children completed their sand art project. Last week, they explored the process of how to make them and designed their own. Today, they used this knowledge to create their final masterpieces!


Today, the children in year 1 and 2 have moved on to something new in maths! The year 1 children have been recognising, making and adding equal groups ready for multiplication and division and year 2 are exploring arrays! 

The children used resources to complete their tasks and all did really well!


Today, the children did some sewing! Our DT project this term is finger puppets so to put us in good stead, we practiced some basic stitching. The children blew us away with their skills and are most certainly going to be able to use them to create some magnificent finger puppets!


This afternoon, we did some activities around our current school value - perseverance. The children had a fantastic time playing the chocolate game and biscuit stacking! They certainly needed a lot of perseverance!

Here are some pictures of us playing the chocolate game.

Here we are taking part in our second perseverance game - biscuit stacking! In this game reception won by building the tallest freestanding biscuit tower!


This term, the children in year 1 and 2 will be writing narratives. Fitting in nicely with our current topic and also being one of our new favourite stories, the children will be creating their very own version of 'The lighthouse keeper's lunch'!

Today, we look at the features of books using 'The lighthouse keeper's' series. The children enjoyed reading and labelling the books, identifying the title, author, illustrator, blurb, characters and settings. Well done!

Term 3 & 4 - Beachcombers


This afternoon, we had a very special visitor! Santa came to visit us!

The children all told Santa what they would like to receive this year and were even gifted with an early Christmas present from him!


Continuing with our day, the next thing the children took part in was a steel drum workshop! Miss Burton and her helper John led a whole school introduction to the instruments and afterwards, each class had the opportunity to go back and have a go themselves!

The children were absolutely fantastic and played the steel drums in the style of blues music using a variety of notes. Well done!


To begin our fun-filled day, we made reindeer food! First, the children mixed all of the ingredients together, then they made the bags to store it in and finally, they poured some in to take home and sprinkle outside their homes. The reindeers will definitely bring Santa to our houses now!


This afternoon, the children learnt about and made their own christingles! First, we discussed their meaning, highlighting each part and its significance to Christians. After, the children carefully used the resources to create their own.

There were lots of brilliant discussions happening and overall, it was a really lovely afternoon!


Today was Christmas dinner day! The children pulled their crackers, put on their party hats and enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner!


This afternoon, the children baked some delicious gingerbread men! They used a variety of skills to make the dough and then cut out their desired shape. I'm sure they tasted as good as they looked!


We had the most magical morning performing our nativity in St Andrews church. The children did a brilliant job and were all so brave going up on stage! 

Well done Class 1!


This afternoon, the children have made some beautiful salt dough tree decorations! They have taken them home to hang on their Christmas trees and will become a lovely memory for years to come!


This week, the children in year 1 and year 2 have been working on some descriptive writing. Yesterday, we explored the organisational and language features and today we began putting them into practice! Of course, the children needed something to describe so we chose ice cream sundaes! As the children ate, they gave some fantastic adjectives to describe the taste and texture of what they were enjoying.

The early years children joined in with the taste testing too!


Following on from all of our learning about maps, the early years children applied their knowledge during role play! They worked as a group to set up the resources they needed and got whiteboards to draw some maps ready to go on their journey! All of this was child initiated and was so lovely to watch and listen to!


This afternoon, the children completed one of their final projects in their current geography focus - maps and their key features.

Last week, we went on a walk around the village of Halton Holegate and looked at all of the different buildings and places. Today, we used what we had seen to create our own maps! The children created a key with map symbols and their meanings, stuck the roads down and put photos of what we saw in the correct places. To finish, we gave it a title and even added some of our friends houses on who live locally!


For two weeks, the children in year 1 and year 2 have been working so hard on their poems and today was the day to perform them! Using the green screen, the children have created some simply fantastic poetry performances! Year 1's poem was about dinosaurs and year 2's poems were all about winter!

Well done to each and every one of you!


In our science lessons this term, we are investigating the human body. The children have been thinking about the different parts of their bodies and what they do. Today, we developed our knowledge further by investigating our senses!

During our investigation, the children very bravely placed their hands into bags to see what was inside, smelt some liquids to identify their flavour and to finish taste tested some lemon juice! Some very funny faces were pulled!


In our geography lessons, we have been looking at maps and their key features. So far, we have made a map of our classroom and the school using our knowledge of the term 'birds eye view'.

We are now developing our knowledge and are working towards creating a map of our local village. To support us in doing this, we went on a walk to see the local landscapes we will need to include. On the way back to school, we went on an adventure!


Over in Class 3, the children have been working extremely hard on narrative writing. This afternoon, they very kindly came over to our classroom and read the stories that they have written to the children. The children in Class 1 thoroughly enjoyed the stories they heard and gave some really positive feedback!

What a lovely experience for both classes!


This week, year 1 and year 2 are investigating money in their maths lessons.

Today, they did some work on coin and note recognition, practiced drawing the pence and pound symbols and to finish, we had a game of 'the price is right'! Similar to the television show, the children estimated the value of different classroom objects and used this knowledge to put them in ascending order.


This afternoon, the children were introduced to a very exciting piece of technology - a green screen!

The children in year 1 and year 2 are preparing to perform poetry next week so we practiced using our new resource today. We had so much fun!

Here are some videos of the children enjoying the green screen.


This term, we have been investigating dog food labels and their contents in our Design and Technology lessons. The children have developed their knowledge through looking at real examples, designing their own labels and finally, making their very own dog food!

They used their cutting and mixing skills to prepare a nutritious meal for their furry friends!


Today was so exciting for us! We had a virtual visit from Jacqueline Wilson!

She spoke to us about what inspired her to become an author, where she gets all of her fantastic ideas from and her new book 'The Primrose Railway Children'. We also got to watch a step by step video of her illustrations being drawn!

This was a fantastic opportunity for both the staff and children and was thoroughly enjoyed by all!


Today, we had our first 'wow day' of the term! 

As we are learning all about animals in our topic 'paws, claws and whiskers', some ferrets and a beautiful barn owl visited us from Northcote Heavy Horse Centre! The lovely lady who brought them told us all types of facts and answered our questions, also letting us walk the ferrets around the classroom and stroke the owl!

Well done to all of the children in Nursery and Class 1, they were all so sensible!


Here is a link to Northcote Heavy Horse Centre website:  https://www.northcotehorses.com/ 

Term 2 - Paws, claws and whiskers


Today, the children put on a beautiful Harvest Festival celebration in St Andrews Church. They have been practicing hard for a few weeks and finally got to perform their Harvest song to their families.

What a fantastic performance!


Today, was a very exciting morning in Class 1!

Year 1 and 2 have been working extremely hard in English writing a set of instructions. First, they explored the language and organisational features, then did an exploration into verbs and time conjunctions and finally drafted, edited and completed their fantastic pizza making instructions! Today, they used them to make the real thing!

This was a fantastic opportunity for the early years children too, they got stuck in and made some delicious pitta pizzas!


After making our brilliant Harvest wreaths, the children continued with their arty afternoon. This time, it was dinosaurs!

Today, we explored silhouettes and how effective they can be within a piece of artwork. The children used a stencil to carefully draw their dinosaur shape, followed by accurate cutting skills to follow their line. They stuck this on the beautiful sunset they made last week and they really do look beautiful!


This afternoon, we learnt all about Harvest! In preparation for our Harvest Festival on Monday morning, the children participated in a good discussion about the importance of Harvest and where all of our donations will go to, talking about the things they are thankful for in their lives.

Afterwards, we made Harvest wreaths that had a variety of autumnal plants and vegetables on - well done!


What a fantastic day we have had!

Today, as part of our topic, the children had their Wow Day at the 'Jurassic Falls' attraction in Skegness Aquarium! We learnt lots and had a fabulous time exploring the Dinosaur Land. The children even participated in a fossil dig, met dinosaurs and did many more things inside the aquarium!

Here's what we got up to inside Skegness Aquarium!


This afternoon was very exciting in Class 1. We began our next dinosaur-themed DT project - 'Sockosaurus'! 

The children explored the process of tie dying and what the outcome is expected to look like and then they got to work. First, they tied elastic bands in various places along their sock to achieve the desired pattern, then they covered it in fabric dye.

Their creations have been put away to soak up the dye and we will look at them again next week!


This afternoon, the children have been doing some fantastic artwork. We looked at blending and brush strokes and the effects it can have when creating a sunset. The children were very attentive and as a result created some beautiful pieces of work.


After completing their fantastic work on Mary Anning and her work on fossils, this afternoon the children made their own! They chose the dinosaur they wanted and made an imprint in some salt dough to create a realistic-looking fossil.


Continuing with our work on prehistoric landscapes, the children applied their knowledge to create their own. We ensured there were rocks for dinosaurs to hide behind as defence, trees and bushes for the herbivores to eat, water for the dinosaurs to drink and fish for the carnivores to eat.

I am so impressed with how they turned out!

Since finding the dinosaur eggs outside our classroom, the children have been doing some fantastic work around them. Today, they finally hatched!

Here are some photographs of the process we went through, from finding them outside, putting them in water to soften the shells and finally hatching!


After making our clay eggs last week, it was time to paint them this afternoon. The children used their designs to create the most beautiful patterns, taking their time to add some very detailed features - well done!


This afternoon, the children continued with their DT project, using clay to begin making their very own dinosaur eggs! They carefully moulded the clay into their desired shape and we have now left them to dry, ready to paint next week.


Today, we were visited by some dentists! The children had a discussion with them about the importance of oral hygiene and how they can keep their teeth and gums healthy. At the end of the visit, the children received some free toothpaste and a teeth brushing chart to take home and practice what they've learnt.


This afternoon, the children worked on their science topic of 'animal classification', focusing on birds and mammals. The children used lard and seed to made some bird feeders to hang in the trees around school, hopefully we will see lots of birds visiting us for some treats!


The children found something rather strange in the garden next to our classroom today.... dinosaur eggs! We have carefully brought them inside to keep an eye on them but they are yet to hatch!


Once we had finished designing our dinosaur eggs, the children continued with their dinosaur-themed topic work and explored fossils! First, we looked at some examples and then discussed how they are formed. The children demonstrated their knowledge by completing a dinosaur fossil matching activity. I am so impressed at how many dinosaur names they know already!


This afternoon, the children began the process of making their own dinosaur eggs! Today was the planning stage, after a good discussion about what shape and texture eggs usually are and what materials would be suitable to recreate that, the children designed their eggs. They have created some beautiful designs and it has made us very excited to see the finished products!


This afternoon, while the Year 1 and 2 children were doing some fantastic work around animal classification, the EYFS children were learning all about insects! After a good discussion about how you would recognise an insect and identifying various different types, the children very kindly painted some houses for the insects that live in our school grounds.


This morning, the children have been busy gardening!

Each class has been allocated some planters and given money to buy things they would like to grow. The children in Class 1 have planted a variety of flowers and vegetables, including leeks, broad beans, broccoli, and pak choi!

We will now be responsible and check on them a few times a week, using this to learn about and observe the four seasons, changes in weather, life cycle of plants and many other wonderful things!

09.09.21 - Wow Day!

Today, Class 1 and Nursery had our first 'Wow Day' of the year and it involved dinosaurs!

The children were lucky enough to have some dinosaurs come and visit them in school and they were even feeling brave enough to stroke them!

Term 1 - Dinosaur Planet


14.07.21 - Sports Day

This afternoon, Nursery and Class 1 had our sports afternoon. The children demonstrated good sportsmanship and cheered loudly for their friends. They all tried so hard and overall, had a very fun afternoon! Well done!


This afternoon, we began our exploration into foods from around the world. Today, we focused on China!

We are really lucky here at school to have two children who were born in China, we were therefore gifted with a fountain of knowledge all about the country they were born in and what they do and eat at home. One of the children kindly came across from class 2 to tell the children in Nursery and class 1 all about the foods she eats at home, even talking about the special clothes and celebrations they have!

To really engage in the learning, the children had the opportunity to try some Chinese food using chopsticks! They were shown how to use them and enjoyed the food they tried.

Well done class 1, trying new things is fantastic!


This term, we have been extremely lucky to see the life cycle of a butterfly happen in front of our eyes!

Linking to our science topic of animals and living things, we received some caterpillars to care for. At first the children could not believe how small the caterpillars were. However, they soon began to grow! Over just a few weeks, the caterpillars grew from tiny creatures to big caterpillars. One Monday morning, we came into school and found the caterpillars had turned into chrysalis! They stayed as chrysalis for a couple of weeks and eventually turned into beautiful butterflies! 

This morning we released them and they flew straight to the butterfly houses that we made!


This afternoon, we welcomed our new reception children into our classroom to prepare them for next year. We decided to get messy and do some flower printing! The children had a variety of flowers and carefully painted their petals, printing them onto their paper. The children created some beautiful patterns and designs!


This week, in our English lessons, we are focusing on the well-loved story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Today, the children applied their knowledge of adjectives when tasting and describing the food the very hungry caterpillar ate. We tried, strawberries, plums, Swiss cheese, salami, watermelon and pickles! Some very funny faces were pulled!

You did a fantastic job, well done!


As the children have done such a fantastic job of caring for our butterflies, it is soon time to let them go. Today, we decided to make them some houses to encourage them to visit us once they are living in the outdoors. The children considered the needs of butterflies and decorated them beautifully in order to attract the butterflies, filling them with natural objects such as leaves, twigs, flowers and grass to make them feel at home.


A beautiful moment that was captured today! A Year 1 child reading to a child from Nursery.


Today, the children have began the process of flower pressing! We discussed what flower pressing is and looked at some pictures of how they will look after they have been pressed. The children even came up with some ideas of what they could create using the dried flowers when they are ready. We will keep checking on them and cant wait to see what they look like!


After a strange week with the mystery of the box, the children worked hard and we were finally able to open it up!

Inside was ingredients! It turns out that the dragon who landed at Spilsby park last week was hungry and just wanted someone to make his favourite soup for him - phew! To help the dragon, we wrote some instructions for dragon soup and today, the children followed the instructions that they had written and produced some tasty looking soup.

We have left it outside ready for him to eat once we have all gone home. Fingers crossed he enjoys it!

27.05.21 - Beach Trip!

This morning was a super exciting (and windy!) morning for Nursery and Class 1. We went to Skegness Beach!

As part of our geography focus - features of the seaside - we decided to have a look at what we have been learning about. The children saw loads of things, including: the pier, the fairground, crabs, shells, rocks and even the RNLI lifeboat! Once we had finished exploring, we even got to eat our snack in the dunes.

It was a fantastic morning, we learnt lots and were all so well behaved.


As the children came into the classroom this morning, something odd and rather gooey was waiting for them - a mysterious box! 

To explore this further, we used today's English lesson to apply our prediction skills and deduce what is in the box. The children came up with some fantastic ideas and really let their imaginations run wild!

We'll see what's in the box very soon.....

24.05.21 - Science Day!

Today was science day! The children in class 1 turned into mini scientists for the day and carried out a variety of experiments and investigations based around our science focus - everyday materials. 

 A lot of fun was had and a lot was learned. Well done Class 1!


As we delve deeper into our topic, this afternoon we built on our knowledge of drawbridges and began the process of constructing our own! Today we have cut and painted them ready to put the drawbridge into next week. 

They look fantastic so far!


This afternoon, we took some time to take care of our wellbeing and did some yoga. The children were so sensible and copied the actions well.


This week, in RE we looked at how Hindus express their beliefs through artwork.

First, we looked at mehndi designs in the form of henna tattoos. The children had the opportunity to look at some real henna being used and then had a go at drawing their own patterns using pen. They really took their time and produced some beautiful inspired artwork.

Secondly, the children investigated Rangoli patterns, another way Hindus express their beliefs through artwork. We looked at the ways they make them symmetrical and the variety of colours they use. After a good discussion, the children made their very own Rangoli patterns using coloured rice!

They turned out fantastic!


This afternoon, in science we applied our knowledge of materials to build the Three Little Pigs some new houses. The children used: spaghetti, marshmallows, sticks, rope, straws and paper to create the strongest houses they could.

Once they were finished, we put them to the test and blew them with a huff and a puff just like the Big Bad Wolf did (this time with a fan)

I am pleased to say that all houses were strong enough to withstand the wind!


Our week has started a little odd in Class 1.

At the weekend, I (Miss Kitchen) was driving past a local play area and spotted something amazing! Luckily, I got my camera out just in time to film a video to show the children. 

There was a dragon at the park!!

It's time to investigate....


Following on with our RE topic of how different religions express their beliefs through art, we had a look at Buddhism. The children created some beautiful mandalas and also these clay Buddha!


To complete our week of measuring length and height we went BIG!

We decided to get the trundle wheels out and measure how long in metres the school playground and field are. The children measured carefully and found that the playground is 23m long and the field is 90m long!


This week, in English year 1 and 2 have been learning about prefix, suffix and how they can be added onto root words. The children have done a fantastic job and have even identified them when reading and writing!

Well done!


This term, we have been focusing on dynamic in our music lessons. Today, the children in Nursery and Class 1 filmed their final piece!

Using a gradually louder dynamic, they have created a fantastic rainstorm sound!


This term in RE we are exploring how different religions express their beliefs through art. This week we are focusing on Christianity and looking at stained glass windows. 

We used our collage skills to create our own stained glass windows but also put on our baking aprons and made some stained glass window biscuits!! They turned out fantastic and the children have all said they enjoyed eating them after school.

Well done Class 1!


This week, in maths year 1 and 2 are going to be measuring length and height. We began our week by looking at non-standard units of measure. The children made some good predictions and loved measuring objects around the classroom using cubes, paper clips and dominoes.


While the sun was shining, we decided to go outside and plant some vegetables in our beautiful outside area. The children planted: radishes, spring onions and beetroot! We will now ensure we take care of them and water them everyday.

We can't wait for them to grow!


This afternoon, we went for a walk to St Andrew's church. The children had a look at all of the stained glass windows to gain some inspiration ready to make their own next week. We had a good discussion about the colours and what we could see in the pictures, noticing that the large window told the story of Jesus' life.

What a lovely afternoon!

Term 5 - Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

As the term comes to end, we got ourselves ready for Easter in the most exciting ways possible! Today, we have held an Easter bonnet competition, Easter egg colouring competition, iced biscuits and cupcakes, made Easter cards for our family and friends and most excitingly.... an Easter egg hunt! With big thanks to Mr and Mrs Cole for arranging this.

The children had a fantastic day and I can't wait to see them back at school after the holidays!

Easter comes to class one after a very successful hunt on the field.
Easter comes to class one after a very successful hunt on the field.


Once again, Year 1 and 2 have made us so proud with their work in maths this week! We have been focusing on quarters. First, we cut different objects into quarters, then found quarters of objects and numbers! Year 2 even did some work on thirds!

You are all so brilliant!


This afternoon, we explored 'monoprinting'.

This involved lots of concentration! The children made some fantastic designs and had lots of fun in doing so!


Today, the children in Class 1 had a fantastic afternoon creating some of their very own pirate flags! They have thoroughly enjoyed this term's topic 'Land Ahoy'. 

Well done!


As part of our topic this term, we looked at desert islands. Today, the children made their own!

Using sand, cannons, treasure chests and pirates they created some fantastic miniature islands!


We had lots of fun using magnets today! We carried out an experiment to see which materials are magnetic. The children made some good predictions and had lots of fun testing objects around their classroom.


The year 1 and 2 children have made us so proud with their work on fractions this week! We began by cutting various objects in half and moved on to halving groups of objects and numbers!

Well done!


The Early Years children have made some beautiful cakes ready for Red Nose Day tomorrow! 

They had lots of fun making them and they certainly look delicious!


We had Winnie the Pooh join us for science this week in Class 1!
As we continued with our work on materials, we decided to test which was most suitable to make an umbrella.
We tested: paper, plastic, fabric and wood.
Poor Winnie did get a bit wet but we had lots of fun and found that plastic was most suitable!


As the children came into the classroom this morning, they noticed a huge mess! 

It looks like that cheeky Goldilocks has been after Miss Kitchen's porridge! Time to investigate .....


Class 1 showed off their art skills today!

We had a fantastic afternoon of printing using everyday materials. Who knew that you could make such a beautiful piece of artwork from a sponge, crumpet, scourer, pasta and bubble wrap!


We had a fantastic day back at school today! 

In maths, we are learning about equal parts, ready to move onto fractions. The best way to do this is with chocolate and sweets! (obviously!).

The children had a good discussion about what the term 'equal' means and afterwards, cut their chocolate into equal parts and sorted their sweets into equal groups.


World Book Day in Lock Down. Where else would you get a scary dinosaur, beautiful princess and Mr Fox all in the same place?

Term 3 & 4 - Land Ahoy