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Class 1


Hello from Class One!


We are the youngest class in school and we are made up of EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 children. Miss Kitchen is our class teacher and we have Mrs Walsh as our teaching assistant.

Our Nursery has Miss Gallacher and Mrs Walsh as their Teaching Assistants.



  •  Spellings are sent home weekly, the children will receive new spellings every Thursday and will be tested the following Thursday.
  • PE is every Wednesday, please ensure PE kits are in school for this.
  • Mental maths tests for Year 1 and Year 2 are also every Thursday. 


Here is a link to a fantastic phonics video! It will show you how we pronounce our sounds.




As much as Class 1 enjoyed the Towers, Tunnels and Turrets topic, it is time to move on and explore  muck, mess and mixtures......

 This is going to be fun!


Now onto term 6!


Below are our homework projects for this term, we would really appreciate it if you had a go at some of them.

14.07.21 - Sports Day

This afternoon, Nursery and Class 1 had our sports afternoon. The children demonstrated good sportsmanship and cheered loudly for their friends. They all tried so hard and overall, had a very fun afternoon! Well done!


This afternoon, we began our exploration into foods from around the world. Today, we focused on China!

We are really lucky here at school to have two children who were born in China, we were therefore gifted with a fountain of knowledge all about the country they were born in and what they do and eat at home. One of the children kindly came across from class 2 to tell the children in Nursery and class 1 all about the foods she eats at home, even talking about the special clothes and celebrations they have!

To really engage in the learning, the children had the opportunity to try some Chinese food using chopsticks! They were shown how to use them and enjoyed the food they tried.

Well done class 1, trying new things is fantastic!


This term, we have been extremely lucky to see the life cycle of a butterfly happen in front of our eyes!

Linking to our science topic of animals and living things, we received some caterpillars to care for. At first the children could not believe how small the caterpillars were. However, they soon began to grow! Over just a few weeks, the caterpillars grew from tiny creatures to big big caterpillars. One Monday morning, we came into school and found the caterpillars had turned into chrysalis! They stayed as chrysalis for a couple of weeks and eventually turned into beautiful butterflies! 

This morning we released them and they flew straight to the butterfly houses that we made!


This afternoon, we welcomed our new reception children into our classroom to prepare them for next year. We decided to get messy and do some flower printing! The children had a variety of flowers and carefully painted their petals, printing them onto their paper. The children created some beautiful patterns and designs!


This week, in our English lessons, we are focusing on the well-loved story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Today, the children applied their knowledge of adjectives when tasting and describing the food the very hungry caterpillar ate. We tried, strawberries, plums, Swiss cheese, salami, watermelon and pickles! Some very funny faces were pulled!

You did a fantastic job, well done!


As the children have done such a fantastic job of caring for our butterflies, it is soon time to let them go. Today, we decided to make them some houses to encourage them to visit us once they are living in the outdoors. The children considered the needs of butterflies and decorated them beautifully in order to attract the butterflies, filling them with natural objects such as leaves, twigs, flowers and grass to make them feel at home.


A beautiful moment that was captured today! A Year 1 child reading to a child from Nursery.


Today, the children have began the process of flower pressing! We discussed what flower pressing is and looked at some pictures of how they will look after they have been pressed. The children even came up with some ideas of what they could create using the dried flowers when they are ready. We will keep checking on them and cant wait to see what they look like!


After a strange week with the mystery of the box, the children worked hard and we were finally able to open it up!

Inside was ingredients! It turns out that the dragon who landed at Spilsby park last week was hungry and just wanted someone to make his favourite soup for him - phew! To help the dragon, we wrote some instructions for dragon soup and today, the children followed the instructions that they had written and produced some tasty looking soup.

We have left it outside ready for him to eat once we have all gone home. Fingers crossed he enjoys it!

27.05.21 - Beach Trip!

This morning was a super exciting (and windy!) morning for Nursery and Class 1. We went to Skegness Beach!

As part of our geography focus - features of the seaside - we decided to have a look at what we have been learning about. The children saw loads of things, including: the pier, the fairground, crabs, shells, rocks and even the RNLI lifeboat! Once we had finished exploring, we even got to eat our snack in the dunes.

It was a fantastic morning, we learnt lots and were all so well behaved.


As the children came into the classroom this morning, something odd and rather gooey was waiting for them - a mysterious box! 

To explore this further, we used today's English lesson to apply our prediction skills and deduce what is in the box. The children came up with some fantastic ideas and really let their imaginations run wild!

We'll see what's in the box very soon.....

24.05.21 - Science Day!

Today was science day! The children in class 1 turned into mini scientists for the day and carried out a variety of experiments and investigations based around our science focus - everyday materials. 

 A lot of fun was had and a lot was learned. Well done Class 1!


As we delve deeper into our topic, this afternoon we built on our knowledge of drawbridges and began the process of constructing our own! Today we have cut and painted them ready to put the drawbridge into next week. 

They look fantastic so far!


This afternoon, we took some time to take care of our wellbeing and did some yoga. The children were so sensible and copied the actions well.


This week, in RE we looked at how Hindus express their beliefs through artwork.

First, we looked at mehndi designs in the form of henna tattoos. The children had the opportunity to look at some real henna being used and then had a go at drawing their own patterns using pen. They really took their time and produced some beautiful inspired artwork.

Secondly, the children investigated Rangoli patterns, another way Hindus express their beliefs through artwork. We looked at the ways they make them symmetrical and the variety of colours they use. After a good discussion, the children made their very own Rangoli patterns using coloured rice!

They turned out fantastic!


This afternoon, in science we applied our knowledge of materials to build the Three Little Pigs some new houses. The children used: spaghetti, marshmallows, sticks, rope, straws and paper to create the strongest houses they could.

Once they were finished, we put them to the test and blew them with a huff and a puff just like the Big Bad Wolf did (this time with a fan)

I am pleased to say that all houses were strong enough to withstand the wind!


Our week has started a little odd in Class 1.

At the weekend, I (Miss Kitchen) was driving past a local play area and spotted something amazing! Luckily, I got my camera out just in time to film a video to show the children. 

There was a dragon at the park!!

It's time to investigate....


Following on with our RE topic of how different religions express their beliefs through art, we had a look at Buddhism. The children created some beautiful mandalas and also these clay Buddha!


To complete our week of measuring length and height we went BIG!

We decided to get the trundle wheels out and measure how long in metres the school playground and field are. The children measured carefully and found that the playground is 23m long and the field is 90m long!


This week, in English year 1 and 2 have been learning about prefix, suffix and how they can be added onto root words. The children have done a fantastic job and have even identified them when reading and writing!

Well done!


This term, we have been focusing on dynamic in our music lessons. Today, the children in Nursery and Class 1 filmed their final piece!

Using a gradually louder dynamic, they have created a fantastic rainstorm sound!


This term in RE we are exploring how different religions express their beliefs through art. This week we are focusing on Christianity and looking at stained glass windows. 

We used our collage skills to create our own stained glass windows but also put on our baking aprons and made some stained glass window biscuits!! They turned out fantastic and the children have all said they enjoyed eating them after school.

Well done Class 1!


This week, in maths year 1 and 2 are going to be measuring length and height. We began our week by looking at non-standard units of measure. The children made some good predictions and loved measuring objects around the classroom using cubes, paper clips and dominoes.


While the sun was shining, we decided to go outside and plant some vegetables in our beautiful outside area. The children planted: radishes, spring onions and beetroot! We will now ensure we take care of them and water them everyday.

We can't wait for them to grow!


This afternoon, we went for a walk to St Andrew's church. The children had a look at all of the stained glass windows to gain some inspiration ready to make their own next week. We had a good discussion about the colours and what we could see in the pictures, noticing that the large window told the story of Jesus' life.

What a lovely afternoon!

Term 5 - Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

As the term comes to end, we got ourselves ready for Easter in the most exciting ways possible! Today, we have held an Easter bonnet competition, Easter egg colouring competition, iced biscuits and cupcakes, made Easter cards for our family and friends and most excitingly.... an Easter egg hunt! With big thanks to Mr and Mrs Cole for arranging this.

The children had a fantastic day and I can't wait to see them back at school after the holidays!

Easter comes to class one after a very successful hunt on the field.
Easter comes to class one after a very successful hunt on the field.


Once again, Year 1 and 2 have made us so proud with their work in maths this week! We have been focusing on quarters. First, we cut different objects into quarters, then found quarters of objects and numbers! Year 2 even did some work on thirds!

You are all so brilliant!


This afternoon, we explored 'monoprinting'.

This involved lots of concentration! The children made some fantastic designs and had lots of fun in doing so!


Today, the children in Class 1 had a fantastic afternoon creating some of their very own pirate flags! They have thoroughly enjoyed this term's topic 'Land Ahoy'. 

Well done!


As part of our topic this term, we looked at desert islands. Today, the children made their own!

Using sand, cannons, treasure chests and pirates they created some fantastic miniature islands!


We had lots of fun using magnets today! We carried out an experiment to see which materials are magnetic. The children made some good predictions and had lots of fun testing objects around their classroom.


The year 1 and 2 children have made us so proud with their work on fractions this week! We began by cutting various objects in half and moved on to halving groups of objects and numbers!

Well done!


The Early Years children have made some beautiful cakes ready for Red Nose Day tomorrow! 

They had lots of fun making them and they certainly look delicious!


We had Winnie the Pooh join us for science this week in Class 1!
As we continued with our work on materials, we decided to test which was most suitable to make an umbrella.
We tested: paper, plastic, fabric and wood.
Poor Winnie did get a bit wet but we had lots of fun and found that plastic was most suitable!


As the children came into the classroom this morning, they noticed a huge mess! 

It looks like that cheeky Goldilocks has been after Miss Kitchen's porridge! Time to investigate .....


Class 1 showed off their art skills today!

We had a fantastic afternoon of printing using everyday materials. Who knew that you could make such a beautiful piece of artwork from a sponge, crumpet, scourer, pasta and bubble wrap!


We had a fantastic day back at school today! 

In maths, we are learning about equal parts, ready to move onto fractions. The best way to do this is with chocolate and sweets! (obviously!).

The children had a good discussion about what the term 'equal' means and afterwards, cut their chocolate into equal parts and sorted their sweets into equal groups.


World Book Day in Lock Down. Where else would you get a scary dinosaur, beautiful princess and Mr Fox all in the same place?

Term 3 & 4 - Land Ahoy

To conclude this term and prepare for Christmas, we had the most magical week! The children in Class 1 enjoyed a pantomime, Christmas baking, arts and crafts and on the final day of term we had our Christmas party and special buffet lunch! 

Have a fantastic Christmas, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all again in January!

Once again, we have been blown away by the effort class 1 have put into their homework projects this term! They are beautiful!

A big thank you goes to all of the parents who continue to support their children with their schoolwork!


Although we couldn't put on our usual nativity this year, we decided to still do something for our families to look at from home.

Class 1 present this year's Nativity.......


This week, we have been focusing on fairy tales in our English lessons. However, we mixed them up and created our own modern versions! Here are some of the children reading theirs.


Linking to our Enchanted Woodland topic, the children decorated some fairy doors today! We hope to have some visitors in the morning...


Continuing with our science topic, we sorted plants into different groups depending on their type/ characteristics (plants we can eat, trees, flowering plants and non-flowering plants). 

To understand which plants we can and cannot eat we tasted some. We tried: tomatoes, carrots, beetroot and celery. Some very funny faces were pulled during this activity!


This week's focus in English is poetry.

To begin our week we explored some poems and looked at the different types of poems we could create (rhyming, acrostic and shape). 

The children even performed some poems to each other!


Today we celebrated Children in Need! We had a fantastic day of PE with Joe Wicks, Pudsey Bear arts and crafts and watching the duck race live on screen.

Thank you to all of you who donated money!


This afternoon, nursery and class 1 went on a woodland walk around Halton Holegate. It was a lovely sunny day with lots to see and hear! We spoke about the trees and discussed why the leaves are no longer green and a horse even came to the fence to see us!!


This week in maths, year 2 have taken their adding and subtracting skills even further and have been adding and subtracting multiples of 10 onto a number!


This week in maths we were solving problems that involve ordinal numbers. Firstly, the children put them in order and then played a throwing game, choosing the most appropriate ordinal number for the position they landed in.


Our focus in science this term is plants, we began by investigating the parts of plants (roots, stem, leaves and flower). The children certainly weren't afraid of getting their hands dirty!


Our focus in English this week is rhyming words!

We started our week by thinking of as many rhyming words as possible through playing games, then we used our listening skills to hear rhyming words in a story and by the end of the week the children were able to read a story and identify the rhyming words themselves!

Term 2 - Enchanted Woodland      

On the last day of term it got very spooky in class 1! 

To celebrate the end of term and get in the mood for Halloween we dressed up and had a day of Halloween inspired crafts and activities. The children's costumes were amazing and certainly gave me a fright!


The children have blown us away this term with the homework projects they have completed! Following our superhero theme, we have had costumes, dens, drawings and all sorts of creations brought in!

We are so grateful to all of the adults at home who have supported their children in completing homework and would therefore also like to say a massive thank you to you!

What an amazing effort Class 1!


Our focus in RE this term is friendship! We have discussed what we think makes a good friend and the ways in which we are good friends to each other and are now looking at how people in other cultures demonstrate friendship. We are focusing on Islam and have been learning about the story of the three friends as told in the Quran. 

To really get to know the story we acted it out.


In science this week we focused on exercise and the ways it keeps our body healthy. The children chose some exercises and we counted how many we could do in 1 minute!


Our focus in maths this week is MONEY! The children in Year 1 and 2 have been busy investigating coins, notes, pounds (£) and pence (p) signs and even solving problems using money!


Over the last few weeks, the children have been doing some fantastic work in our art sessions. We began by discussing the materials we would need to make a superhero and gradually added to them. They turned out fantastic! 

Here are some pictures of the children showing off their hard work!


The week that Professor Slime invaded Class 1!!!

When the children came into our classroom on Wednesday morning we discovered a huge mess! A note was left for us on the board from Professor Slime himself! He explained that he was starving and had been looking for food in our lunchboxes! After discussing a way that we could stop Professor Slime from eating Class 2's lunches, we decided to make him some sandwiches. The reception children helped the teacher make a sandwich while the Year 1 and 2 children used their knowledge of verbs and time conjunctions to put together a set of instructions.

What fantastic teamwork!

(Here are the sandwiches that Year 1 made using their verbs)


Continuing with our science this week, we looked at the different types of food that keep our bodies healthy. The children even got to try some different types of fruit!

 We tried: peaches, papaya, kiwi, passion fruit, pomegranate and mango! 


In English this week, the Year 1 children have been focusing on adjectives! First, we took our learning outside and looked at natural objects such as leaves, flowers and grass and described them. Tying in with Room on the Broom we decided to describe the witch. The children used their best handwriting to write down their adjectives, which are now on our display!


The Year 1 children have been investigating tens and ones this week, they have done a fantastic job!


In science we are focusing on our bodies and the ways in which we keep them healthy. To begin, we identified the main body parts and discussed our senses. Today we decided to investigate them a little further....

The children were very brave and used their senses to find out what was inside some mystery boxes! We even tried some new fruits (the children had very mixed feelings towards the grapefruit, passion fruit and figs).


Our focus in English over the next two weeks is the story of 'Room on the Broom', it has proved to be very popular with all of us in Class 1! On Monday, in order to really get a feel for the book we acted it out!

Here are some photographs of the children putting on a fabulous performance!