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Just about every parent who is fed up with dealing with these persistent pests, wants the return of the "Nit Nurse" from the olden days. However, if every parent takes the responsibility for regularly checking their child's hair and then treating any visitors, there is no need for a return to the Nit Nurse days. Just follow these steps:

  1. Have a regular day for checking through your child's hair, and look very carefully.
  2. If nits or lice are found, shampoo your child's hair and then comb through hair with lots of conditioner, using a fine tooth comb.
  3. You can also try a purchased treatment, so ask a pharmacist for advice.
  4. As a preventative measure, tie long hair back while at school, and comb through conditioner after every shampoo.
  5. Please notify school, friends and family, to make sure everybody can be treated if necessary.

Please don't worry. Every child gets nits at some point in their childhood...we just need to make sure there is effective and prompt treatment when they are found.