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Our Values

These values form part of all our teaching. Individual values do get emphasised at the indicated times;

Term 1 - Thankfulness

Term 2 - Generosity

Term 3 - Perseverance

Term 4 - Compassion

Term 5 - Curiosity

Term 6 - Courage


The teaching of these values will  include the "British values" of the Prevent duty (the duty to prevent radicalisation. ) These are:

1) Democracy

2)Rule of law

3)Mutual tolerance

4)Individual liberty

They are , of course,  not just British values, but values supported by all just nationalities. 

Further details of the Prevent Guidance can be found in the safeguarding sections under "Mandatory Policies" on this website.


Many thanks to our Governors and the school council for all the thought they have put in when helping to select our values for each term.

There is a more detailed explanation of the values in the document below.


Responsibility of our gardeners to tidy up
Responsibility of our gardeners to tidy up